We raise funds and we support dementia research. That’s the simple description of our work. 

Other pages on this website will tell you how we raise funds and how you can help.

When it comes to spending the money you help us raise, we don’t do the research ourselves. We award grants to university-based researchers in South West England and South Wales. They might be laboratory scientists or clinicians and others engaged in clinical research, where patients and volunteers are also involved.

Our aims

Our aims are to help:

  • provide the means by which medical science comes to understand what causes dementia in its various forms
  • achieve earlier diagnosis of dementia, thereby giving new treatments and knowledge of prevention more time to make a difference
  • find new and more powerful treatments

Our policy of funding research only within a region of the UK is pragmatic, not parochial. It’s a sensible policy for a charity which does not have the financial or staff resources of the big funders. It has also enabled us to help build up a strong network of research across this part of the country. 

However, our area of benefit is the whole human race – anyone, anywhere who might one day develop dementia.

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