Funding for a vital co-ordination role within the cognitive disorders clinic at Southmead Hospital is coming to an end. BRACE is launching an appeal to our supporters to help raise the £10k needed to fund a further year.

The cognitive disorders clinic at Southmead Hospital plays a vital role in the care of people with dementia providing diagnosis, treatment and support for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia including early-onset and other complex conditions.

The appointment of a co-ordinator in the clinic since April 2016 has dramatically improved patient experience. The co-ordinator helps significantly reduce patient anxiety and allows the earliest initiation of treatments.  In addition, the administrator helps the research arm of the clinic, the ReMeMBr group by offering patients the opportunity to participate in one of four clinical trials with more planned in the future.

The clinic is unique in that it is the only Neurology run service in the region providing specialist advice to often very vulnerable patients and it is vital as without a diagnosis patients are often unable to access support in the community.

Can you help us raise the funds needed by pledging your support today?

Thank you.

Donations listed below do not include offline contributions. If donations exceed our target, the excess will be used towards a further period of the co-ordinator post, which has ongoing value for the patients, clinic and research programme.